15 heartwarming Stories Of Owners Finding Missing Cats Years After They Disappeared


According to a study on lost pets, 15% of owners have lost a dog or a cat in the last 5 years. Only 74% of lost cats end up being found, but of all of them, 95% return home alone. And that makes searching for the more complicated.

So imagine, the years go by, you no longer have hope of seeing your furry darling, and you experience something that you can only describe as a miracle.


Here we have compiled this list full of heartwarming stories of lost cats reuniting with their owners. Sometimes it is after a year, another 5, or the owners have even lost count. But this helps to believe in happy endings despite the wait.

#1 After 14 months, her owner found the cat twice as fat: she lived in a pet food factory

He has spent the year eating and now he has a huge appetite. We are not going to put him on a diet for now.

#2 This elderly cat found his way home after 13 years

His owner, Janet Adamowicz, wanted him to stop for 1 year. 13 years later, he suddenly received a call from a vet 40 miles away.

I thought it would be weird, but when I got there, my cat was there and it remembered me. I don’t know where it would have been, probably on the street, but they either fed her or hunted her food.

#3 I lost my cat 1 year ago and yesterday they called me from the shelter saying they had it. Chip works

Syd is re-getting used to it greatly. Get back to purring and kneading my arm. Couldn’t be better.

Owners rarely report that their cat is lost (if it has no chip) because they assume the worst and do not look for it properly. If a dog is lost, they run where people can see them, and the cats hide, no one thinks twice when they see them. Besides, they tend to assume that they have abandoned them or that they are just a stray, it does not occur to them that they have gotten lost, “says Kim Freeman, from the agency Lost Cat Finder.

#4 My cat disappeared 1 year ago. My wife and I found it while we were biking. She came running and crying towards us

It’s great to find your missing pet. After 2 months we thought it would have died. What a relief.”

#5 This man reunites with his 19-year-old cat, 7 years after she disappeared

Robert was planning to move from California to Ohio when his cat disappeared. He was devastated, did not move, and spent 1 year looking for him.

I prayed to God to give me back my Chebon.

7 years later a woman saw a cat that looked sick and took it to the vet. It had a microchip and they found the owner. The cat was 19 years old and had been on the street for a long time.

When Robert saw the cat, he recognized it immediately and began to cry.

# 6 This cat jumped directly into the arms of its owner after spending 536 days lost

Their owners were losing hope and one day a message from animal control reached them. A man had been taking care of his cat for 1 year. When Mindy, the owner, arrived at the man’s house, her cat immediately came out to greet her, purring.

Apart from chipping pets, it is recommended that they carry identification: “with the owner’s number, another emergency number, and if you feel comfortable with it, the home address,” he explains.

#7 My friend went to felines at the shelter and found her cat that had been missing for more than a year

#8 After a year missing, one day Ozzy approached me without further ado

I was walking my dog ​​when Ozzy just walked up to me and started meowing.”

Ozzy is the only one who answered his name by running up to me. So I tried, and yes, it was him.

#9 4 years ago my dear Moose disappeared. Yesterday, a family that was feeding him could take him to see if he had a chip

The family had only been feeding him a couple of weeks. He was a long way from where he got lost, so I guess he found another family and then ran away or was abandoned. He’s fatter than when I had him, so there must be been a house cat.

#10 11 years ago my cat disappeared, and today he is back

He has been living in an apartment block where people fed him. But he got hurt and a neighbor took him to the vet and saw the chip. He wanted my cat back, but he and the neighbor have been together so long. , that he asked me to keep it. But he allows me to visit him.

#11 My cat has returned after a year and a half

Princess was a house cat. She let her out a little every day until she disappeared. I gather she was kidnapped because they found her an hour away. An old woman who had only been with her for 10 days took her to the vet, they saw the chip and They called me. We went to pick her up today.

#12 This cat was lost during a hurricane in 2004 and was reunited with its owner after 14 years

I saw his face and knew it was him. A little older, just like me.

#13 3 years ago my cat ran away, today I picked her up from the kennel, safe and sound

I think another family kept it and they didn’t see if it had an owner. It continues to behave like a house cat and is very healthy.

#14 Lost in the bush in Australia for 3 years

#15 Has come home

A little over 5 years ago, my wife and I moved a 7-minute drive away. A month later, one of my cats ran away and did not come back. We looked for him with no luck. In December I received a call from Animal Aid they had my cat. It’s the best gift.

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