This cat likes to steal the neighbors’ shoes so much that its owner has created a Facebook group to return them


Hunting, teasing the dog, being adorable… of all the careers he could have chosen, he decided to pursue theft. However, it seems that its owner is dedicated to solving the crimes of the cat.

This same month, BJ Ross from Pennsylvania created a Facebook group to help with one of his cat Jordan’s bad habits: stealing the neighbors’ shoes. According to WTAJ, this black and white cat of almost 3 kilos does not stop going out at night and returns home with booty in her jaws.


Ross hopes that social media will help return the shoes to their respective owners, but it has also made Jordan famous, and now everyone knows about his misdeeds.

Here’s a video (in English) where the thief is exposed

Jordan the cat steals all the shoes he can

Their owners find a couple of them every morning

And now they are over 50

Jordan is very proud of his swag

If you know my cat Jordan, you know that he loves to bring me shoes home,” wrote the owner in the group.

After discovering the secret life of the cat, Jordan’s owner put him a GPS tracker

According to the tracker, this thief has a vast territory comprising several neighborhood houses that he visits multiple times. This could be because Jordan likes to wear the entire pair of shoes, but can only wear one at a time. Plus, he prepares for his late-night adventures with plenty of proactive naps.

He walks between 11 and 13 km every night, planning his misdeeds

And he has created an FB group for people to discuss Jordan and his crimes

And everyone adores him:


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