Our cats and those of the neighbor found the catnip and stopped working (30 photos)


Our cat Melchett loves catnip and I love taking pictures of him and our other cats. The other cats in the neighborhood also visit us to take their “dose”, like Benji, Tommy, and Bob.

We have 2 cats at the moment, and between them, they only have 1 eye. Melchett had to have one removed due to cataracts and Gertrude lost both, due to cataracts as well. All of our cats are named after characters from the Blackadder series, some come from shelters, but many simply showed up at our doorstep waiting to receive food and stayed with us for years.


I have been taking photos of cats since I got my 1st camera at age 10, and now I am over 50. It is fascinating to photograph them, as they always do what they want and are unpredictable so it is always a challenge to photograph them successfully.

Nepeta cataria, known as catnip, catnip or catnip, is very attractive to cats. And not only for domestics, other cats such as lynx, leopard, wild and cougar, and sometimes even some tigers and lions, enjoy the recreational effects of catnip. In general 2/3 of cats feel a natural attraction to it. The most common effects are rubbing against the plant, rolling on the ground, licking, and chewing on it. If they overdose, they start to drool or become irritated or drowsy, meow, growl, purr, and scratch a lot. But other than that, it is harmless and fun and relaxes cats.

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#1 Edmund

#2 Benji

#3 Baldrick

#4 Melchett

#5 Bob

# 6 Melchett concerned if police discover his stash

#7 Tommy

#8 Melchett

#9 Melchett

#10 Baldrick

#11 Melchett

#12 Benji

#13 Edmund

#14 Meg

#15 Melchett

#16 Edmund

#17 Edmund

#18 Melchett

#19 Gertrude

#20 Melchett

#21 Melchett

#22 Edmund

#23 Baldrick

#24 Melchett

#25 Melchett

#26 Melchett

#27 Melchett

#28 Melchett

#29 Melchett

#30 Melchett


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