Japanese Illustrator Imagines A World Where Humans Live Among Giant Animals (30 Pics)


mysterious “Japanese” artist uses the pseudonym Ariduka55 on the internet and made illustrations from another totally fantastic world, in which big animals live and evolve alongside “hoomans”. They are totally inspired by our world, but small animals like cats, dogs, rabbits, owls, etc … are as big as a 3-story building.

It seems that the artist likes to draw soft and adorable animals, like pandas, rabbits, dogs, and the like … although it is evident that he adores cats. The atmosphere of his illustrations is always ethereal and peaceful, with narrative elements in the composition. Many illustrations have soft sunlight filtering through leaves or windows.


By the way, the Japanese have a word for sunlight filtering through the leaves of the trees: komorebi (木 漏 れ 日), which eloquently describes this worldly beauty.

More information at ariduka55.tumblr.com | pixiv.net | amazon.com


Challenging the human to finish what he has to do.


This cat masters the art of camouflage


This cat does not want to be hugged when its owner comes home


Japanese farmers used to honor wolves and leave offerings to protect their crops from deer and wild boar.

Via: The Lost Wolves Of Japan (Brett L. Walker, 2005)


If you can take a nap on a huge ball of hair, surely you will not be able to finish the job.


They try to get the cat out of its hiding place to get it a home


This Tanuki is actually a raccoon dog, which differs from the common raccoon in certain details, and today they are symbols of generosity in Japan.


Black cats mean good luck in Japan and much of Asia


The fox represents the god Inari, one of the foremost of Shintoism.

via: tofugu.com


Nothing like sleeping with furry friends


The spirits of the dead are believed to take the form of a butterfly when they travel to the next world.

via: thejapaneseshop.co.uk


The rabbit in Japan is identified with the Moon


Bluebirds seem to get along well with cats.


Feline hiding from the sun




The cats are said to give good luck, proof of this is the famous figure of the maneki-neko

via: kcpinternational.com





This hill is actually a Shiba inu dog, a treasure for the Japanese

Via: japanesecreations.com







Owls, like cats, are symbols of good luck and offer protection from suffering

via: owlcation.com




Inoshishi (the boar), is part of the Chinese zodiac signs, and is called the mountain whale.

via: dailyglimpsesofjapan.blogspot.com


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