He loses the kitten that was his best friend but finds the perfect way to honor his memory


If you ever thought dogs and cats couldn’t be friends, take a look at the moving story of Flora and Dexter.

Flora is a huge and beautiful dog of the Malamute breed. Despite his large size, his heart belonged to a very small being: a kitten with whom he spent most of his life. They were best friends and every day they were seriously preparing to do their favorite activity: take a nap hugging each other.


Flora was rescued from the Best Friends Animal Society shelter.

Unfortunately; Dexter lost his life and Flora didn’t know how to continue without her best friend. Time passed and the owners of the dog began to worry.

She was increasingly depressed and her health was beginning to decline. Measures had to be taken to help her cope with this painful loss. It was then that they decided to return to the shelter to look for kittens that would make friends with Flora.

Dexter lived for 22 years.

First, they tried two kittens but the result was not what they expected. The sweet dog treated them at all times with much kindness but they did not have the same connection that existed with Dexter.

The kittens simply did not want to take a nap with her, so Flora continued to be increasingly sad. Luckily, his family was not willing to give up. They returned to the shelter and looked for a new team of felines.

Flora and her family live in the city of Kanab in Utah, United States.

They were four brothers who urgently needed a temporary home. Iggy, Bowy, Glamor, and Roxy were minimal and needed a lot of care.

They were given a small room with beds and toys for cats and over the days Flora decided to approach them. The bad thing was that the little ones felt a little scared with the enormous Flora, but after a couple of days, they could n’t stand the curiosity.

“Iggy was the first brave. He approached Flora and they both smelled. She was very gentle and in a matter of seconds, she already had a big smile. ”

The other three kittens soon discovered the wonderful Flora. Hours later, the beautiful dog was already a protective mother.

He taught them to explore throughout the house and made sure everything was in order. These little ones will leave to find a definitive home, but the pretty malamute dog has discovered that she is a wonderful temporary mother.

“Flora is the Lovely Cat.”

Nothing can fill the enormous void that Dexter left in Flora’s heart. However, this cute dog will honor the memory of her old friend by helping so many other kittens that just need a little love.

What do you think of the beautiful Flora? Do not hesitate to share this note that shows us that friendship between a dog and a cat is really possible.


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