20 Crying Cat Meme That Are Way Too Adorable


Crying cat Meme, Cats are not only cute when they are grumpy or acting weird; you’ll also find them cute when they are looking gloomy and sad. Their faces and reaction will just draw you a lot closer to them that you won’t be able to look away easily. And today, that’s exactly what we have for you. Check out this cute crying cat meme collection we prepared just for you.

Best Sad Cat Memes List

1. My Birthday

Crying cat Meme


2. You Try So Hard

Crying cat Meme

3. I am sorry

Crying cat Meme

Some users often use the Google search engine to try to save a medical consultation. However, sometimes it is not the best option, since sometimes the results can be alarming and not very accurate.

Although they may not only get us a scare but maybe even a laugh. That is why, on social networks, people are sharing the funniest diagnoses that Google could offer when faced with very common illnesses.

And not only is it enough to share the result for the condition, but it is also accompanied by the modified photo of a cute kitten in white and brown colors, who appears scared and with tears in his eyes.

Altered since 2014 altered photos of cats crying have appeared, according to the Know Your Meme portal. This type of image arose from a feline that, apparently, had a serious face.

4. playing and crying

Crying cat Meme

5. would you do this

Crying cat Meme

6. that’s ok

7. I Just Want People To Love Me

Crying cat Meme

8. It’s ok to leave me again

Crying cat Meme

9. feeling bad

Crying cat Meme

10. I am sad

11. That Made Me Feel

12. What Do You Mean

13. Why Did You Leave

14. happy Friday

15. I Thought I Had Good Friends And A Boyfriend

16. I A’paw’logize

17. You Mean To Tell Me

18. Just Send

19. I Want To Sleep On The Keyboard

20. They Lied

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Credit: sayingimages.com

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