Wife documents how this cat stole her husband in 20 beautiful pictures


Making you a star on the internet is nothing like ‘stealing’ your life from your cat. A couple from Thailand are going viral on social media when wife Nasreen Hami posted several beautiful photos showing how beautiful her husband can be!

After appearing on the Super Cats‘ Facebook page, Nasreen’s photos went viral and received tens of thousands of likes. Scroll down, look at the heartbreaking pictures of Jarvis Scottish Fold Cat and take a look at what pure love looks like.


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Nasreen told Board Panda that Jarvis never tried to eat only Eastern cat food and never, human food. Not even fish! “Jarios is a great cat. He loves sleeping, watching birds through the window and playing with my husband,” he shared his favorite activities of his cat with us.

“Jarvis, she always loves and cherishes my husband and she drinks with me and befriends everyone who comes to our house,” Nasreen said of how healthy the cat is. He added that a section of the internet thinks that Jarvis is a woman. He confirmed that Jarvis was in fact a man.




Owner Nasreen mentions on his Facebook page Ban Ni Tong Mei Meo that Jarvis is not for sale – and with the recent popularity that he is gaining, we believe that even more people will Will agree to snatch if they can only.

The cat spends most of its time smuggling to Nasreen’s husband, lying on top of him, hugging him, and doing whatever he can to get as close to him as possible. Jarvis follows her whenever she goes to the kitchen (we believe this is not only a good company but also the food she wants!).
















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