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Woman shelters 97 stray dogs in her home to protect them from Hurricane Dorian

Chella Philips is responsible for the ‘Nassau Voiceless Dogs’ in the Bahamas. And during Hurricane Pass Dorian decided to house 97 dogs in New Providence at home. The story was shared through Facebook, where she also mentions that 79 of them share their room.

The shared images show that the makeshift shelter in their room was a little small for the number of dogs, but they were completely protected from the hurricane that left untold material damage and some deaths.

Philip put music to reassure the dogs. And sick or anxious dogs were housed in donated cages and kept their doors and windows closed.

woman wrote on her Facebook 97 dogs are inside my house. It’s been crazy since last night, poop and pee on and on, but at least they respect my bed and no one dared to jump on it. Coincidentally, today is the fourth anniversary since the shelter opened its homeless dog doors and we take care of 1,000 of them.


According to CNN, ‘Nassau’s Boundless Dogs’ is a foundation responsible for protecting more than 200 homeless dogs each year, although they have no resources. Finally, Phillips reported that his house had been flooded last Monday, September 2, but fortunately, all dogs were fine.


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