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Types of terriers -Breed of terriers – Terrier Breeds Information


Types of terriers – Terrier breeds are related to each other and most originated in the British Isles. Its name derives from the word “earth” and almost all of them are small or medium in size,

due to their rugged, purposeful character and suitable for hunting small animals such as mice. In this text, we will tell you about this large group of dogs.

The Best Known Terrier Breeds

Since there are many Terrier breeds to fit in a single text, we will list below the most representative details:

1. Jack Russell Terrier

Types of terriers

Types of terriers

Although developed in the UK, its breeding was based on an Australian dog. It is white in colour with some brown marks,

usually on the face and tail, and small in size, although it is very strong and sturdy.

The Jack Russell Terrier is determined, independent,

companion and active. His name comes from Reverend John “Jack” Russell, Devon County Shepherd.

2. West Highland White Terrier

Types of terriers

Types of terriers

This breed originated in the Highlands of West Scotland (from where also comes its name).

Its has a totally white colour and one of its main features is its balanced personality and character.

It is very energetic and brave by nature, weighs a maximum of 10 kg and measures 28 cm. It has two layers of fur and a 15 cm carrot-shaped tail.

She needs a lot of exercises,

is determined when she wants to catch prey,

and despite her size is very guardian.

3. Scottish Terrier

Types of terriers

Types of terriers

Another breed of Terrier that was born in Scotland. It is also known as Aberdeen Terrier or popularly as Scottie, and it emerged in the early 18th century.

It is a quintessential digger because since its inception has been devoted to seeking badgers in the mountains. Its has a wide muzzle that helps you with this task.

In addition, it has wide and pointed ears. The Scottish Terrier is very territorial, agile, fast, decisive and alertIt is a breed chosen by famous people (Franklin Roosevelt,

George Bush, Queen Victoria, Rudyard Kipling, and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis).

4. Yorkshire Terrier

Types of terriers

Types of terriers

It appeared in Scotland as a cross between Scottish and English Terrier breeds, more precisely at the time of the Industrial Revolution,

when the Scots moved to Yorkshire and Lancashire (two cities in northern England). It became popular in the Victorian Era, is small in size, barks a lot and is extremely vigilant.  weighs approximately 3 kg and can have three colours: brown, grey and black. The fur is smooth, thin and long.

5. Pit Bull Terrier

Types of terriers

Types of terriers

It is one of the terrier breeds that was not born in the United Kingdom but originated through the crossing of animals imported from this country.

Until 1976, it was used as a fighting dog – until they were banned.

Adult males can weigh up to 30 kg and measure 48 cm in height.

Although they are considered dangerous,

they are excellent companions for the whole family,

with protective instincts and not aggressive unless they are taught otherwise. It stands out for its large square head and large jaw with a scissor bite.

6. English Miniature Terrier

Types of terriers

Types of terriers

Its height is no more than 30 cm and the weight is about 3.5 kg. It has a black colour with some spots on the chest and paws. Your walk is like a trot of a horse. 

Its is very fast and agile so it was used to hunt mice and

became popular in the English Victorian Era.

8. Boston Terrier

Types of terriers

Another breed of Terrier that originates in the United States (but was born thanks to breeding with British animals). It is a friendly dog, ideal to be the companion of lonely people. It has a cheerful character, small size, and easy care, with short hair and flat muzzle. Your big ears always stand up. It is usually black with some white parts.


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