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This is what our pets do when no one is looking

Our pets are so precious to us that they are so much more than just pets we care for and have as our companion. They become our best friends and are part of the family. And while we can already assume everything they do – after all, we’ve been with them for so long… exceptional surprises can always occur with a simple glance away for a few seconds.

This is what our pets do when no one is looking. Check it out:

#1 – “I couldn’t breathe while I slept, so I installed a camera to see what it was”

#2 – “He likes to dig a hole and then go into it and watch it all day long”

#3 – Someone had a very busy night yesterday:

#4 – “My dog always does this”

#5 – “I looked away for a second”

#6- “Rest in peace wrapping paper…”

#7- Advanced canine sleep techniques:

#8- “Meet Goten, the reason we have to hide our toilet paper in a closet”

#9- “I took some clothes from the basement. I left the room for 15 seconds and when I came back I came across it. ”

#10 – “Human, remember those documents that worried you so much? We got rid of them! ”


#11- “I forgot to store the butter in the fridge”

#12- “She seemed to be feeling guilty for a split second, then continued her mess”

#13- “I woke up to noise this morning. Simply amazing…”

#14 – A very convenient way to drink water:

#15- “We gave him some medicine because he’s afraid of lightning and that’s how he sat down

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