These 23 Wholesome Comics About A Cat And His Human That Will Make Your Day


Hello there! Welcome to my little corner of the web, where you can see the cut of life of Mickey, a sassy cat who won’t stop for a second to hand out real love, and his ‘hooman’ Suzy, a young lady who can comprehend cat talk. They experience mysterious universes, regular situations, and arbitrary things together.

I began this webcomic in mid-October 2018, following quite a while of just drawing discontinuously. I’d been feeling debilitated about making craftsmanship, particularly when I’d return home from work and take a gander at all the current workmanship out there – it was at the same time motivating and overwhelming to attempt to get my pen once more.

After finding Inktober, I chose to handle the test by drawing anything I desired, without feeling like I needed to make the *perfect* last item. From that experimentation, this day by day comic was conceived and has proceeded since.

I appreciate liveliness, funnies, and narrating by and large, so this is my method for making a world that will ideally acquire new characters over the long haul and make individuals grin. I trust you can feel the delight and love that went into each and every comic. Appreciate! More info: Instagram



























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