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There Is A Cat Temple In Japan And Its Monks Are The Cutest

Feline sweethearts all over the place, cheer! Japan is loaded with amazements and some of them are particularly wonderful in case you’re a devotee of cushioned cats. Catto admirers that visit Japan ought to put forth a valiant effort to head on over to Nyan Ji (actually importance Meow Temple when converted into English), which is in Kyoto.

Presently, we realize what you’re thinking: a spot named Meow Temple ought to be loaded with felines, correct? All things considered, you’re 100 per cent right! The spot has a feline priest and has catto partners. How purrfect is that?

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If you’re ever in Kyoto, make sure to visit the Meow Meow Temple!

This is Koyuki, the head priest of the sanctuary. As indicated by her proprietor, Koyuki cherishes cooperating with her ‘admirers.’

Those individuals visiting the Nyan Temple in Kyoto are in for a treat since they’ll be welcomed by the present feline priest named Koyuki. Inside the sanctuary, you can arrange nourishment and beverages that are, suitably, feline-themed.

Koyuki’s proprietor conversed with Bored Panda about Meow Temple: “This sanctuary was opened by painter Toru Kaya with the topic of this most loved feline.”

As indicated by Koyuki’s proprietor, the individual who opened Meow Temple is an outstanding painter of “altars and sanctuaries.”


The spot is likewise brimming with statues and drawings that element felines too. In case you’re in the psyche for gifts, you can get some of them inside the sanctuary shop that is classified “Littlefootmark Ren.”

In a meeting, Bored Panda was informed that there are 7 felines working in the sanctuary: Koyuki (who is female), Waka (male), Chin (male), Aruji (male), Ren (female), Konatsu (female), and Chicchi (female).

“Guests who come to love to play with felines and appreciate bistros and feline craftsmanship,” said Koyuki’s proprietor, who sent Bored Panda some restrictive photographs from the Meow Temple.

Koyuki, the feline priest, is the most famous cat at the sanctuary

Koyuki isn’t the main feline priest to involve the spot of respect in the sanctuary: there are as of now three ages of cat priests. The sanctuary opened uniquely in 2016, so we don’t know whether such a brisk change in cattos heading the sanctuary is a decent or an awful thing.


The cat’s aides aren’t as well known as the head priest, however, they’re similarly as adorable

The feline priest Koyuki isn’t the main cat at Nyan Ji. There are a lot of aides there as well. Be that as it may, Koyuki, who has a crotchety face, is the most prominent catto. We can perceive any reason why, yet we’re of the supposition that all felines merit our consideration.

For those of you as of now in Kyoto or who are arranging an excursion there sooner rather than later, you can discover the Meow Temple at this location: 520 Yasekonoecho, Sakyo-Ku, Kyoto 601-1253, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. On the off chance that you do visit, try to send us a lot of pictures and leave a remark specifying your encounters underneath this post!

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