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The UPS driver is photographed On Instagram with all the dogs he meets during the delivery

Confucius also said: “Find a job you like, and you will not have to work a single day in your life.” But what to do if your work is far from that cherished ideal? You can try to change the attitude towards it or take it and improve it. This is exactly what one driver from the UPS delivery service did.

Jason “Jay” Hardesty, 30, from New Orleans (Louisiana), found a way to make his routine work a pleasure: he began making positive photos with all the dogs he meets on his way, delivering a package to his addressees. And this not only influenced the quality of his work but also made Jay incredibly popular on social networks. Now Hardesty shares with his subscriber’s photos every week with the dogs he meets while working, and these pictures are very positive and sometimes touching.

source Instagram

A dog can  Make any day better ….

#1 Bit & jay

ups driver

ups driver on Instagram

Hardesty says that he hadn’t been able to take such pictures before: there were more families on the old route, but the dogs showed no friendliness. Everything changed when 2 years ago he was transferred to a new route to another area of the city. It was here that Jay found many friends, dogs. “I was transferred to another area of the city, where there were more people of my age and unmarried, and the dogs here were much friendlier,” said Hardesty.


#2 kash & jay


ups driver

ups driver on instagram

The love of the followers becomes clear, you just have to look at the cool photos of the amazing driver from UPS with his cutest buddies. By the way, he knows them all by name and sincerely loves them, and they reciprocate.

#3 prince & jay


ups driver

#4 Morgen & jay

#5 stanly & jay

ups driver

#6 Gov & jay

ups driver

#7 sofia & jay

ups driver

#8 liath & jay.

ups driver

#9 kingsley & jay.

ups driver

ups driver on instagram

His Instagram page with positive photos from work slowly gained subscribers, but the case made its corrections, and not so long ago the guy literally woke up famous. Instagram by Jason was tagged by famous writer Jamie Attenberg (author of the books “Midlsteins”, “Time to mature”), which, as it turned out, lives on his route. Attenberg enthusiastically wrote about the wonderful guy from UPS, adding that he is doing a great job.

After this tweet, the number of subscribers for a positive driver has increased dramatically. “I think in 48 hours I gained about 10,000 subscribers,” he admired.

#10 dakota & jay.

#11 ziggy & jay.

#12 louie & jay.

#13 pups with jay

#14 spot & jay.

#15 trixie & jay.

#16 cusha & jay .

#17 higgins & jay.

#18 summer & jay.

#19 belle & oy & jay .

#20 louis & jay.

#21 jiggy & jay.

#22 josie & jay

Hardesty made it a rule to post one new photo with dogs every Friday evening, so there already exists a kind of whiting list of dogs. You can follow Hardesty and his four-legged friends either on Jay’s Instagram, or on the #pupsofjay tag.

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(ups driver on instagram)

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