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The story of the Husky Dog salvation in Los Angeles

This dog was found at a Los Angeles garbage dump.

When Hope For Paws received information about a dying dog at the animal rescue centre, Eldad Hagar, who saved more than one life, immediately rushed to help. The man who arrived at the scene did not immediately see the dog in a pile of garbage. She was so weak that she could not even run away when Eldad approached her.

The rescuer called her Miley. She turned out to be a husky breed. Miley looked very exhausted and suffered from scabies.

Eldad gave the dog food and she took the food offered, allowing the man to put a leash on her neck. He had to sit with the dog for an hour before she agreed to go with him.

Miley got up with difficulty and, barely moving her legs, followed the car to the man.

He put her in the car in the front seat.

After examining the veterinarians, it turned out that the dog suffers from hunger, scabies, parasites and infections.

She was prescribed medical baths and long-term skin treatment.

Soon the husky began to recover.

Over time, Miley became attached to Hagar and made friends with a small black chihuahua named Frankie.

Frankie was rescued from the sewer and was very shy, but next to Miley he felt completely safe and safeguarded.



  • This brought tears to my eyes!! I am so pleased to know that these friends have each other!! Let us remind all our animal lovers to make sure that our pets have a home, nutritious food & love!!

  • Debra Davis says:

    These ignorant people who cant and want keep an dog dont need any. I hope they find the sleazeballs and send them to prison for 99 years.

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