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The story of saving the most unfortunate cat in the world

This cat named Ben became famous in the network, as the most miserable cat in the world. The animal had a spinal injury, ear problems and several deep wounds. In this state, Ben went to a shelter, where he calmly awaited death, but love and care again made a miracle.

The shelter workers said that Ben behaved as if he were taking a quick death: he refused to eat, drink, and tried not to move too much.

But the heart of the employee of the veterinary clinic could not stand it and she decided to take him home. Exactly one day before the scheduled sleep.

As soon as Ben got to the new house, he completely changed in just an hour. He began to purr and with all his feline views show the location to the new owners. It immediately became clear that he felt safe for the first time in a long time.

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