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The owners put out a cat with releasing paws out the door

Once upon a time, there was a cat named Teddy, who had everything: his beloved owners, a lot of food, and a warm bed. But once he damaged his paws and soon simply could not calmly step on them. Then his life changed dramatically, and he ended up on the street.

Teddy was pushed out the door in an empty box, and he sat heart-rending meowing in pain, as if not understanding what was happening to him. Interested people turned for help to the Volgograd feline shelter “Lodge”: a couple of hours later he was already at the veterinary clinic for an examination.

With the paws, the poor fellow really had big trouble. Sores, infection, pads worn into the blood – it is not surprising that the cat could hardly stand and constantly fell to one side. Perhaps he burned his paws (for example, jumping onto the stove), the owners did not attach any importance to this, and then his condition worsened. Veterinarians were afraid that Teddy would have to amputate the forelegs, but thanks to the help provided and the cat was very young, he started recovering.

For several weeks, Teddy steadfastly endured constant injections, dressings, droppers, took pills, ate on a schedule and tried his best not to hiss and not to scratch his rescuers. It soon became clear that the paws were healing, and the worst was left behind. Teddy was discharged and allowed to move to a shelter.

The big-eyed cat was very glad that now in front of him was not a cramped cage, but a whole open space. He could play for hours alone, without bothering anyone around, but when a man appeared in the room, he immediately asked for affection and attention, purred and rubbed his feet.

Another cat lives with him, which the family also took from the shelter. Teddy is happy in his new life and he is never bored: when nobody is at home, he plays and communicates well with his girlfriend.
Monitor the health of your pets and help them in a timely manner. Remember that we are responsible for those who have tamed, and the responsibility for the well-being of the pets lies with us!

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