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Siberian Husky (female) look at how cute on instagram | Cute Dogs Breeds

The Siberian Husky is a medium-sized dog, its skeleton is well developed, it is free and elegant in movement. The description of the Husky breed says that the characteristic almond-shaped eyes of a dog should be set slightly obliquely. They are brown or blue, but they can be of different colors, when one eye is brown and the other is blue, or both colors are combined in the iris.

According to the description of the breed, Huskies are sociable, friendly and sensitive. It is unlikely that it will be possible to use them for protection because they do not possess the necessary qualities: they do not show suspicion towards strangers, they are not aggressive when interacting with other dogs. In adulthood, Siberian Huskies are restrained, not emotional, have a sense of self-worth. They are intelligent, obedient, always ready to help animals. All this makes them excellent companions and tireless workers.

Today I Will Share Siberian Husky  Cute Dog Breed From Instagram

🦊 Siberian Husky
🎂 April/5/2018 🐶
📍 Toronto, Ontario 🍁
♀️ Female
Adventure pup in the making 🌲
They call me Baby Shark 🦈🦈

Credit Instagram wayward fox

Sun’s out tongue’s out! It’s been mad hot outside today, luckily Casper has her pool to keep cool.

Siberian Husky

Awesome! 😀 I’m a dog photographer. 📸 I’d love to meet you one day. 🐕

Sometimes my phone takes good photos! What do you use for your pictures?

Casper loves the water, however, she won’t swim and will only go as far as her feet touch the ground! Do your pups like to swim?

Awesome print! Very handsome boi! 👆*boop*

Casper: “Hey mom, can I have one?” Hoomom: “No Casper. The balls are part of the display”

Siberian Husky

 Casper’s got her stick in tow

Oooo lucky I wish I could go !

Siberian Husky

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