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Recife patient with cancer gets better after visiting his dog

The reunion of the tourist guide Flávio Santos with his pet dog, Agadir, besides being exciting, have been vital to the improvement of his clinical condition in the hospital where he is hospitalized. Flavio has been on cancer treatment for a few weeks. According to the health professionals responsible for the guide, its improvement is apparent. “I talked [even] about being discharged,” said doctor Rodrigo Tancredi.

“Today John and I spent there and I was surprised, he was conscious, oriented, talking,” said the doctor. The doctor refers to João Chagas, Flavio’s husband for over two decades. John, who is an interior designer, is thrilled to remember the experience. “He thanked me a lot [for the reunion],” he says. Psychological help in the fight against cancer According to the oncologist, contact with pets has benefits for the body and the mind. It is efficiently therapeutic.

“From a psychological point of view, patients talk more, get more excited and have an increased appetite. From the physiological point of view, there is a reduction in heart rate and blood pressure, ”he explains. For Flavio, it was no different. “We visibly noticed the other day his improvement. […] The improvement occurred in a gradual way and remains, ”he says. The tour guide has cancer with metastasis in the peritoneum and bones. The reunion Flávio has been hospitalized for about a month and since he arrived at the hospital, has shown to the medical staff the longing for the pet that accompanies him since a puppy. The reunion took place on September 10, but images of Agadir’s visit began to circulate on social networks days later.

His wish was fulfilled in the garage building of Memorial Hospital São José, in the Center of Recife (PE), since the entry of animals is prohibited in the cancer ward of the health unit. Before meeting his father, Agadir needed a veterinary report to prove he had the vaccination up to date. The visit was part of the “What matters to you?” The project, a hospital initiative to fulfill the wishes of patients with long periods of hospitalization or specific cases. “We already had a wedding and Valentine’s Day, but it was the first time we brought an animal,” says the nursing supervisor of the cancer ward, Luísa Frazão.

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