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Pregnant Pit Bull shines in her own photo shoot – see photos

Every mother deserves to be honored with a photoshoot that meets the challenges of motherhood. When a two-year-old pregnant pit bull was found wandering the streets of Fort Mill, South Carolina, she could barely stand, clearly exhausted, starving and desolate.

Unfortunately, the dog owners decided they didn’t want her anymore and refused to go get her. The shelter then transferred it to Pits & Giggles Rescue, a non-governmental organization that provides specialized canine and postnatal care for the pit bull breed and its puppies. Photographer Lauren Casteen Sykes has been a volunteer at the NGO Pits & Giggles for four years and has often offered her professional services to help raise awareness of abandoned animals and encourage their adoption.

Passionate about her daily dog-care job, she was eager to help future mommy Pickles (as she was baptized) find a new foster home. “The NGO Pits & Giggles Rescue has a unique mission like no other,” she explained. “They specialize in rescue and maternity care [canine]. They save pregnant and nursing mothers from the shelter and provide the necessary care to bring their babies safely to the world. […] Photographing these moms and their babies give them the exposure they need to be adopted! ”

Lauren photographed Pickles just days before the dog gave birth to eight healthy puppies. She says Mom was wonderful to work with. “A loving and super docile pit bull”. “She was so excited that day she could barely stand still,” reports Lauren. “She loves to receive affection and treats and was very happy to participate in the rehearsal. It’s a very cute dog. ”

The photographs were taken quite naturally, without the constant need to fiddle or reframing Pickles. “Some photos were hilarious thanks to her big belly,” jokes the photographer. “She was a little clumsy because of her belly, so it was challenging to do some poses. Anyway, the end result was fabulous! ”.

Lauren hopes that the wonderful photoshoot and its consequent social media repercussion will be enough to encourage some families to adopt Pickles. “I think it’s a matter of time. Soon she will have the loving home she deserves, ”he concluded.

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