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People threw their red cat from the window of the ninth floor

The story that struck with its cruelty occurred in Petrozavodsk: a red cat was thrown from a window of the 9th floor, along with things and household items. He hit the ground and shocked into the open window of the basement in shock. Witness the incident was Lydia, who rushed to help the animal and reported the incident to the shelter “The Road Home”. Curator Anna Aktanko immediately went to the place and went down with the girl to the basement. Having passed it almost to the very end, in the corner they found a cat with a broken face, who could only cry plaintively.

The poor man was urgently taken to the clinic. He had serious problems: a lot of fractures, including jaws and forepaws, dislocation of organs, bruises, swelling … But there was still hope that the camelina would crawl out.

Ginger cat was given the nickname Sunny. It began a long and difficult period both for the patient and for all who worried about his fate. Operations, droppers, overexposure, excitement and care, a hazy future … The rescued himself steadfastly endured all the procedures and turned out to be a real fighter.

It soon became clear that Sunny needed a complicated operation, and it was necessary to take him from Petrozavodsk to St. Petersburg, to another clinic. Thanks to the joint efforts of the cat, it was possible to transport, as well as urgently find donor cats in an unfamiliar city.

It is difficult to describe how many operations, anesthesia, injections, and examinations Sunny took in 3 months after being rescued from the basement. Unfortunately, the “people” who did this to the cat were not brought to justice, but most importantly, thanks to Anna’s efforts and the donations of hundreds of caring people, it was possible to save the life of an ordinary red cat, who had to suffer before finding its own happiness.

The remarkable members of the family of Eugenia from Petrozavodsk became its owners. The sun got the nickname Shakespeare in the new house and comfortably settled on a soft bed, immediately zarahtev 🙂

Looking at this red face now, it is difficult to imagine what he had to go through and what to go through. Shakespeare is a healthy and well-fed handsome, active and curious. Probably, he no longer remembers how it was in his past life!

This story is a bright example of the fact that you should never pass by someone else’s misfortune, no matter how neglected and hopeless it may seem. Shakespeare survived and became a domestic cat only through collective efforts, people who drove him to the doctors, looking for donors, donated money, wooed and stayed in clinics with him. But now he gives happiness to his beloved masters, and they answer him the same!

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