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One-eyed rescued kitten gains cap and becomes pirate cat

When the young Savannah Anas of Las Vegas, USA, learned that a litter of kittens was abandoned in the middle of nowhere, she called a friend to help her and together they ran to rescue them.

Arriving at the hard-to-reach place, they discovered that one of the puppies had a severe and deadly infection. They did not think twice about running to the nearest vet to somehow try to save the life of the kitten, which was named Scar (Scar).

“He was so small, had only two weeks of life, and the vet could not connect it to monitors or know-how anesthesia would affect you during the procedure” , he told the Savannah site The Dodo. Despite the risk, they decided to proceed with the surgery, as it was the only chance to save Scar’s life. And even with the vet needing to remove one of the kitten’s eyes, it all went well in the end.

To help keep the points clean and safe after surgery, the young woman chose to put a kind of eye patch on Scar. “He loves the accessory, and has never tried to remove it,” said the young woman, who could not resist the charms of the pirate cat and decided to adopt it.

Now 6 weeks old, Scar is the most playful and energetic kitten in the world. “He may have had a difficult start to life, but now he’s happier than ever, ready to face any new adventure,” he said.

Via ©  The Dodo

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