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How to get fleas off a kitten | My cat has fleas – Home Remedies

How to get fleas off a kitten – Just adopted a kitten or already have a pet that constantly goes for a walk and is full of fleas?

Eliminating cat fleas is not a very complicated task. Just like any other feline condition, it’s always better to be safe, but if your pet is already infected, these homemade cat flea remedies made with natural ingredients will help free your little hunter from this nightmare.


  1. Drown the fleas in the bath
  2. Clean House = Happy Cat
  3. Homemade Flea Spray
  4. Make eating less appetizing
  5. Latest Advice

Drown the fleas in the bath

The first home remedy for fleas in cats is undoubtedly a good bath. Cats are extremely clean animals, but once infected with fleas, their tongue baths are not enough to eliminate them.

To prepare a good bath to eliminate fleas from your pet you will need:

  • Warm water
  • Baby shampoo with sensitive skin
  • Lavender or Citronella Oil
  • Fine-bristled comb for cats

Prepare a special anti-flea shampoo by mixing a portion of shampoo with an equal amount of oil (you can use one or more of the proposed oils). While bathing your pet make sure you rub the backs and tail well, as most fleas will be embedded there. If possible, let the shampoo and oils work for about 5-10 minutes. Remember to avoid wetting or shampooing your ears and head.

Then rinse the cat thoroughly and dry it well with a towel. This is the best part for them, so do it with great care. Finally, get rid of your little boy’s uncomfortable fleas by combing his body.

Important Advice:

Your cat is not a dog so never use specific flea control products on dogs in it. They will not be effective on your cat and could put your feline companion’s health at risk.

If it is a puppy up to 3 months do not use the oils. The skin of cats is very sensitive and if they are so small it can cause significant skin irritation.

Cats spend most of their time licking and cleaning themselves, so it is very important to remove any remaining shampoo well from your body. Otherwise, your cat could get intoxicated.

Not all cats like water, so in order for the process not to be traumatic for your mate, do everything with care, patience and care. Do not use too strong jets of water and control the temperature well.

During drying, place the cat on a light or white towel to make sure it kills any fleas that fall.

how to get fleas off a kitten

how to get fleas off a kitten

Clean House = Happy Cat

It’s no use applying specific medications to your pet or giving it a good flea bath if you don’t keep the house clean. Eliminating cat fleas means not only acting on the animal, but also in all areas where you walk like our home.

Once the cat becomes infested with fleas, these will invade not only your body but also the furniture, the scratching posts and all those rooms where your pet spends most of its time. So once you have acted on your cat, either with a bath or some medicine, the next thing you should do is disinfect your home.

For this you must gather the following materials:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Washing machine
  • White vinegar
  • Hot water

Wash all blankets, blankets and general clothing that have been in contact with your pet. Program the washing machine in one cycle with hot water and if you have a tumble dryer use it, this way you will make sure you have killed all the fleas that were walking around.

Also, vacuum the furniture, scratching posts or areas where your cat usually walks or touches. You cannot risk leaving free fleas that could again infect your four-legged friend.

Lastly, prepare a solution of white vinegar and hot water to clean the entire house. Use this solution for floors and surfaces such as shelves or furniture.

What is diatomaceous earth?

Diatomaceous earth is a 100% natural and environmentally friendly product that is used to treat external parasites in animals. It is a white powder of a mineral starting point that fills in as a bug spray.

This product, available at pet stores, clings to the body of cold-blooded parasites and absorbs their body fluids, then kills them. If you want to use it, you can spread it as if it were talcum powder on your pet’s furniture and scratching posts. Give it a chance to labor for 10-15 minutes and after that vacuum, rehash the procedure a couple more occasions and you’re finished.

how to get fleas off a kitten

how to get fleas off a kitten

Homemade Flea Spray

Another of the most popular home remedies for fleas is citrus sprays. To do so you will need:

  • Water
  • Orange or Lemon Peel
  • Vaporizer

As if making tea, boil half a liter of water with the peels. Bring the fruit to a boil for a few minutes to give off all its aroma and then allow it to cool completely. Pass the preparation through a colander and fill the vaporizer with the result.

You can use this anti-flash citrus spray directly on your pet or other contact surfaces such as toys, scratching posts or furniture where you like to be.

Cats are not very fond of citrus smells, and given that our feline friends have a very developed sense of smell, it is recommended that you do not overindulge in the use of these natural anti-flea spray sprays.

Another thing you can also use is apple or chamomile. Unlike lemon and orange, this smell does not bother cats, and if it is a small cat, instead of using a spray, you can soak cotton wool with chamomile solution and apply it gently and lovingly throughout. the body of the little one, especially at the back and the tail.

Make eating less appetizing

An effective way to keep parasites such as fleas away is to control your cat’s diet and make their smell and taste unappetizing. To do this, you can include in the feed extra products such as:

  • Brewer’s Yeast
  • Garlic

You can use either of these two foods or alternate them in small amounts within the wet or dry food you give your pet. It will be enough to do this once a day so that your cat will no longer be appetizing for fleas, so they will not attack you.

Toxic cat food

Although there are toxic foods and plants for cats, brewer’s yeast does not pose a risk to your pet. But garlic, although considered a natural insect repellent, can be very dangerous for your cat. The toxic dose of this food is 5 g / kg. That is, if your cat has two pounds, three cloves of garlic are enough to intoxicate him.

how to get fleas off a kitten

how to get fleas off a kitten

Latest Advice

Know Your Enemy: Fleas are an external parasite that feeds on the blood of their guests. A female can lay up to 20 eggs a day, so it’s best to know flea life well before you want to finish them.

Attack Fleas Anyway: Remember to do a thorough cleaning, overhaul all your pet’s toys, and vacuum the whole house. When you’re done, take the bag out of the vacuum cleaner and freeze it or soak it in the sun, extreme temperatures will wipe out these annoying bugs.

Protect your cat when you go out: If your cat is 100% homely, that’s fine, but if you like to go outside every now and then you won’t be able to keep in touch with other flea-infested animals. It is best to make a protective shield for your adventurous feline. To do this make a spray with half water and the other with apple cider vinegar, apply this spray before each ride and you’re done.

Consult an Expert: Although you consider it to be a greener and healthier solution, it is important to always consult your veterinarian before applying home remedies to end your cat’s fleas

how to get fleas off a kitten

how to get fleas off a kitten


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