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Put me to sleep, there is no money for treatment!” The wounded cat was brought to euthanasia

The Kelma cat has suffered many different injuries to the whole body. What exactly happened to her is unknown, but the wounds were terrible. The animal was brought to a veterinary clinic, but not to cure … They decided to put Kelma to sleep, finding that it was hopeless.

Veterinarians, having examined the cat, said that it can still be saved. But it was necessary to act immediately! The animal, apart from other injuries, had a broken belly, so he needed an urgent operation.

Unfortunately, as is usually the case, people stated that they have no money for the treatment of the cat and insisted on sleeping. Yes, to save such an animal you need a lot of money, but is it possible to kill a living creature, if there is at least some chance?

Quite by chance, a girl who is engaged in volunteering activities has witnessed this situation. She went to the clinic about her business, but simply could no stay away. The girl insisted that doctors save the cat and promised to pay for the treatment.

So in the Dnieper shelter “Friend” appeared another useless animal. Fortunately, the vets were able to save Kelmu.

The complicated operation was successful and now everything is fine with the cat. While she remains in the clinic under the supervision of doctors, but after a few days she must be discharged.

In this story, a happy ending, but imagine for a second that at that moment it might not have been a volunteer. Scary … Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of noble deeds.


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