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Cane-Corso of the last forces climbed the walls of a deep garbage can

A topic appeared in the social networks of the animal home shelter “Road to Home”, where a strange and frightening find was discussed: at the bottom of a deep plastic trash bin for a long time a purebred black dog sits, trying to scramble out, but its paws are constantly slipping. The hungry poor fellow rejoiced at any piece of bread thrown by people, immediately eagerly eating it. They tried to get it, but due to the fact that the garbage collector was deeply dug into the ground, it could not be done.

Polina Ostryzhko, who began to spread this story through social networks, enlisted the help of a caring man and took the poor thing out of the container. She was all staggering, barely able to stand, was terribly hungry and sick.

But the girl was not afraid of such responsibility and took the victim to a temporary perederzhku in his apartment. The dog turned out to be branded, Corso. She was given the nickname Dara.

Through the stigma, we managed to find out that the dog is 1 year old, and once she lived with the breeders. What happened next is unclear: either it was bought and then sent out into the street, or the breeders themselves got rid of their ward … In any case, nobody was going to take it back.

Instead of the 40 kg put by the Corso dog, Dara weighed 25 at the time of the meeting with Polina. She also had serious eye problems requiring surgery. She did not know what a leash and walking, did not know how to behave, as if no one had ever dealt with her, but she was a very affectionate and understanding dog.

Started wandering Gifts for overexposure and veterinary clinics. She was not a simple dog, because often she had to look for a new temporary shelter for her: she wouldn’t get along with the cat, she would be naughty all the time. But the most important thing was that the operation on the eyes of the girl was successful, and she also got a little richer and looked like a real dog, and not a skinny skeleton.

It was an active search for hosts for Dara. Usually, Cane Corso puppies are sold for at least 20 thousand rubles, and here – a free pedigreed dog! But not everyone could find a common language and take good care of this girl because Polina with particular attention was looking for a person for her.

And this is really found! Dara became a member of a family with children whom she immediately fell in love with. She passed the probationary period and no one even thought about abandoning such a miracle dog.

Dara got fat and it’s hard to admit that skinny dog ​​that was pulled from the bottom of the container. Her education is constantly engaged and patiently teach everyone to do the right thing. Now Dara is a happy home favorite and all thanks to the indifference of people who have not passed her troubles. Woof!


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