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Can Dogs Tell When Your Pregnant

Can Dogs Tell When Your Pregnant – Among many virtues, our dogs are able to detect a pregnancy. But they can also discover various diseases that humans suffer from and anticipate some natural phenomena. Are they fortune tellers? None of it. Although the scientific community continues to investigate the specific reasons, it seems that the answer lies in the dogs’ extraordinary smell and improved hearing.

Dogs Smell Hormonal Changes

As much as you master the canine language, you don’t need to think your dog will call a family reunion and announce that someone in the house is pregnant.

What is certain is that these pets notice very quickly the hormonal changes that are produced in the body of pregnant women, even before they themselves can realize.

And how do you manifest this change that you warn? With variations in their conduct. Generally speaking, getting closer to the woman who is pregnant. Other times, distancing themselves.

Each animal in its own way will demonstrate that a different thing is happening. It is not wrong to say, then, that dogs may be the best pregnancy test that can exist.

Can Dogs Tell When Your Pregnant

Reasons Why Dogs Can Detect a Pregnancy

can dogs tell when your pregnant

Canine smell surpasses that of humans and this is not new. Dogs are estimated to smell between 10,000 and 100,000 times higher than humans. What is curious to many is that the powerful canine nose allows feeling the chemical changes that happen inside the female body due to a pregnancy.

We tell you some details about the strong smell of these pets compared to ours:

  • They have 50 times more olfactory receptors than people;
  • They detect between 200 and 300 million olfactory cells. Humans have only 5 million;
  • The brain area devoted to this sense is 40 times larger than ours;

Other Things Dogs Can Detect

But in addition to dogs being able to detect pregnancy, they can also anticipate:

  • The labor;
  • Change of weather or storms;
  • Earthquakes ;
  • Changes in people’s mood ;
  • Diseases, especially certain types of cancer;
  • The imminence of death;

Some dogs have the ability to perceive hypoglycemia in patients with diabetes or the onset of an epileptic seizure. They even alert people who are about to have a stroke, an embolism or a heart attack. For this reason, many animals are trained as assistance dogs.

Dogs and the sense of hearing

The ear is another of the very developed senses in these animals and allows them to perceive some phenomena (such as storms or earthquakes) long before humans.

It’s that the dog’s auditory spectrum is 20 to 65,000 hertz while that of humans is 20 to 20,000 hertz.

Regarding the perception of distant sounds, dogs detect a faint sound at a distance between four and five times greater.

Dogs and pregnancy

But once the dog has detected a pregnancy will this generate any behavioral change, as the story goes on until the moment of delivery? Women who have children and live with these pets have endless experiences to tell about.

(Can Dogs Tell When Your Pregnant)

For example:

  • Some animals that favored the man of the house immediately put him aside to dedicate themselves to the pregnant.
  • They become more protective and are very close to the woman. We often hear cases such as the dog waiting behind the door when the owner goes to the bathroom, sleeping near the owners’ bed and other demonstrations of approach.
  • They bark and moan at everyone who wants to get closer to the ‘protected’. And some even advance in people who want to approach the future mother.
  • Finally, they signal the beginning of her own labor, even before she does.

It is also absolutely normal for the dog to smell the growing belly.

However, some animals may react to change by developing some behaviors related to stress and anxiety, such as constant licking.

In these cases, a visit to the vet may be necessary to create solutions so that both the animal and the pregnant owner can spend this particular period of their lives in the best way possible.


A hug and see you in the next article!

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