can dogs eat avocado? Is Avocado Bad For Dogs?


can dogs eat avocado: It is very easy to think that avocado is bad for dogs, as it is a widespread myth. Although it is poisonous to other animal species, the truth is that for dogs it can even bring benefits. Although some dogs may not tolerate it well, those who do may include it in their diet, although of course without abuse. In addition, it will be extremely important to remove the shell and bone from the avocado before giving it to a dog, as this could be dangerous.

  • 1 Can dogs eat avocado?
    • 1.1 Special care with the bone and the shell
  • 2 How to feed a dog avocado
  • 3 Benefits of avocado
  • 4 Other fruits and vegetables recommended for dogs
    • 4.1 Celery, most recommended

Can dogs eat avocado?

Avocados are very poisonous to other animals, so there are those who claim that it is not recommended that dogs eat it. It is not clear how it can affect each particular dog, but the truth is that it does not have to be dangerous. Ideally, the first time a dog eats it, it will be observed whether it feels good or not. If there is no problem, you can continue eating and get your benefits.

Of course, if a dog feels bad, even if it does not have especially severe symptoms, it should not be given. This is something to keep in mind when giving a dog any food, because, for many benefits it has, it will only be advisable if it feels good. In addition to dogs that tolerate it worse, there may even be some that are allergic to avocado or any other specific food. It is important to know how to discover what it is and eliminate it completely from the dog’s diet to avoid major problems in the future.

can dogs eat avocado
can dogs eat avocado

Special care with the bone and the shell

However, it is important to know that both the bone and the shell could cause mild intoxication in the dog,

as they contain a substance called persin that can make them feel bad.

It is likely that a dog intoxicated by this substance has digestive problems such as vomiting and diarrhea, in addition to general malaise.

As if that were not enough, as with many fruits, the bone could stagnate in the dog’s throat and suffocate him.

In spite of that, the avocado will in no case be poisonous to dogs, and if we let them ingest neither the bone nor the shell, there should be no problems.

Therefore, a dog can eat the pulp of the avocado if it suits him at any time, since in no case will it be toxic or poisonous.

It may feel worse for some than others, but it is something that happens with any food and is easy to control.

The avocado has a series of very beneficial components for both dogs and people, so if they do not feel bad there is no reason not to give it to them.

Of course, a dog that has symptoms of intoxication should quickly go to the veterinarian for advice on the treatment to follow.

How to feed a dog avocado

The most important thing when giving a dog avocado is to eliminate the bone and the shell. 

Otherwise, you could end up intoxicated or even suffocated if the bone were lodged in your throat, which means that you have to avoid it at all costs.

The diet of dogs should always consist mainly of meat, but can also be supplemented with fruits and vegetables,

although they should not exceed more than 20% of the diet.

There are some diets that take this into account, such as the BARF Diet. It is based on the fact that all the food the dog eats must be raw,

both fruits and vegetables such as meat or even fish.

In addition, it marks the percentage of each type of food recommended for dogs, thus being one of the diets that provide the most benefits of those existing today.

It is clear, therefore, that dogs can eat avocado,

although never in excess, because they should not substitute meat. In this way,

they can eat pieces of pulp from time to time without any problem. 

It will be advisable to know the percentages of each meal that a dog should eat to know what exact amount of fruits and vegetables he can eat,

and it will also be good to change them so that the avocado is not the only one they eat.

Thus, the dog will enjoy the food much more since he will not always eat the same and will be less bored.

can dogs eat avocado
can dogs eat avocado

Avocado Benefits

Avocado is a great source of potassium, something that will improve the dog’s hair, which will be much brighter and softer.

Of course, it will also benefit your body in general, as will other components of avocado.

It manages to have an ideal fat composition for dogs because although they are in a high percentage,

they will be established,

which means that they have no cholesterol and will help to absorb vitamins better, in addition to strengthening the heart and balancing cholesterol.

In addition, it also has vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin E, and folic acid,

which will strengthen the immune system of dogs.

It has antioxidant properties that will help prevent premature cellular oxidation,

which in turn will make the chances of having diseases related to old ageless.

As if that were not enough, the avocado contains the majority of proteins that the meat contains,

and although it should never be substituted in the dog’s diet, it will be an ideal complement.02+

can dogs eat avocado
can dogs eat avocado

Other fruits and vegetables recommended for dogs

The correct feeding for a dog will be one based on meat and complemented with fruits and vegetables. 

Avocado can be an ideal complement, but it is advisable to various fruits and vegetables so that the dog does not always eat the same.

In fact, it is something that can be complemented even with other types of food such as feed,

so that the dog has the most complete and balanced diet possible.

When it comes to giving fruits and vegetables to dogs, bone and seeds must always be removed. The latter can be toxic on many occasions,

while the bone is easy to get caught in the throat and suffocate the dog. Once this is controlled, some of the most recommended fruits are apples, cranberries, strawberries, bananas, and pears. As for vegetables, the best ones will be spinach, celery, and carrots.

Each fruit and vegetable will have specific benefits, so it is better to vary them. Dogs may eat them raw,

but there are also those who prefer to cook vegetables before giving them to the dog.

Celery, most recommended

Celery is especially recommended because, in addition to benefiting the dog’s organism, it will also act on its teeth. 

Thus, it will help prevent and eliminate tartar,

something that can cause various problems such as bad breath or even tooth loss.

In fact, celery can be given to the dog as one more treat,

just as it is given a bone for dogs with which it can be entertained by biting it.

Of course, although fruits and vegetables are recommended,

you should never forget that they are simply a complement to the dog’s diet,

and never the main course. They must be accompanying the meat, as this is what the dog’s diet should be based on.


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