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Can Dogs Eat Avocado? Opinions Are Divided

Can Dogs Eat Avocado – Avocado is a wholly healthy fruit for us humans, but when we research the possibility of giving it to our dog we come across conflicting information. But after all, why is there such a divergence of opinion? And what are these opinions based on? Now you can know everything about this subject more than controversial.

There is a big debate between professionals and scientists as to whether dogs can eat avocado or not.

That’s because opinions are still widely divided about whether avocados are toxic.

The fact is that aside there are some reports of dogs that got sick with avocado.

And on the other hand, there are reports of dogs that eat and love avocado.

Tutors are not left out of this discussion either, some support the theory that avocado is toxic, usually after having had bad experiences.

Others argue for the healthy aspects of this fruit by pointing out that their dogs have never had a problem eating avocado.

But is avocado good for dogs anyway?

Can dogs eat avocado safely?

In today’s article, we will need to dig deep into our investigations!

Do you follow me?
In this article you will learn:

The Fighting Point Of View Which Dogs Can Eat Avocado

can dogs have avocado

In fact, people fighting dog avocado consumption have been influenced by some research.

One of these researches found that avocado caused heart problems in two dogs.

These vets and scientists claim that dogs cannot eat avocados.

They attribute these reactions to an avocado substance called persin.

According to research, this substance would cause heart problems and stomach and bowel problems.

In some research, they linked some reports of breathing difficulty, fluid accumulation around the heart and even death to avocado consumption.

However, it has not yet been identified how much persin affects both the digestive and cardiac systems.

That is, the minimum amount that is responsible for these signals up there has never been identified!

However, it is known that the amounts of persin in the fruit pulp are very small and the largest amounts are in the leaves, peel, and seed.

Moreover, many of these researches have not had their arguments fully proven.

But still, some people keep saying dogs can’t eat avocado.

For them, the hypothesis that there is any kind of problem indicates that it would be better to prevent than remedy any reaction to avocado.

What People Say That A Dogs Can Eat Avocado

can dogs have avocado

On the other hand of the debate if dogs can eat avocado there are people who argue that YES.

Some industries have even successfully tested avocados in feed and snack formulation.

They did several tests to detect the amount of persin in avocado and the levels detected were extra low.

According to people who argue that dogs can eat avocado, this fruit would be toxic only to some animals such as cats, birds, and horses.

For them, avocado would only cause mild gastrointestinal problems.

The biggest problem, however, would be the seed that could cause intestinal obstruction and even asphyxiation if the animal tries to ingest the entire seed.

Experts at Vet Vine, a major veterinary research and education institution, agree that despite causing gastrointestinal problems avocado is not toxic to dogs.

After all, should I give avocado to my dog?

Can Dogs Eat Avocado

I would like the answer to be simple and assertive.

But in this case, I hope you think between the pros and cons of this situation.

If your four-legged child has eaten or avocado without having any problems, then the fruit probably has no toxicity on him.

In this case, I have no problem giving him a few pieces.

You just have to remember a few things, ok?

Offer in small portions, and only fruit pulp for it.

Remember, remove the peel and seed.

Regarding the quantity, one or two pieces are enough.

If you have avocado trees planted in your yard, then don’t let your dog (s) have access to it.

On the other hand, if you never gave him avocado, what would make you want to feed your dog avocado?

Let’s think in terms of benefits.
What kind of advantage could avocado give your dog over other foods?

No doubt we know that avocado is a fruit rich in good fats, dietary fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins.

And it is very good for our health.

But we also know that even we ourselves have to control the intake of this food.

Having all this together, we leave you with a question: is it worth risking?

Unfortunately, today has no recipe, but you can check in our previous articles, starting with this one about watermelon.

Important: Our content is produced by veterinary professionals and is informative.

But there are some particular issues with your dog that you should ALWAYS contact your trusted vet.

Therefore, it in no way replaces the guidance of a veterinarian.

Whenever your dog shows abnormal signs, take him to the veterinarian.

We’ve come to the end of another Incredible Article, this time about Dog Can Eat Avocados.

I hope you enjoyed.

And we would love to know if your dog likes avocado and has had any experience with this fruit, be it negative or positive!

Please share your experience with us by leaving a comment below.

And help us with our mission to educate tutors about the natural foods your dog can eat by sharing this article on their social networks.

See you in the next article,

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