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Boy who used savings to feed stray dogs now has his own shelter

When he was only 9 years old, sensitized by the precarious and hungry situation experienced by stray dogs in his community, Ken Lover invested all his savings to buy food for the little doghouses.

Over time, the boy also adopted dozens of puppies, bringing them to his home.

Four years later, born and raised in the Philippines, Ken runs a refuge for dogs rescued from the streets who have been abandoned and mistreated.

Ken’s father is very proud of his son’s actions.

He often records and publishes videos of Ken distributing feed, bathing and petting the dogs, always in an uncompromising way and oblivious to the cameras.

His videos went viral: with the repercussions, dozens of people began to offer money and supplies for the boy to continue exercising his passion.

Dog refuge
Ken’s big dream was to open a sanctuary for rescued dogs.

With the help of donations from supporters around the world, the Filipino boy was able to muster the resources needed to realize his dream. He founded the NGO Happy Animals Club, Davao’s first dog shelter in the Philippines.

Ken and his family rented a 930 square meter plot and adapted it to receive the animals.

The three puppies the boy rescued and adopted first were allocated to the shelter with priority: Whitey, Brownie and Blackie, who had been mistreated and abandoned on the street by their former owners.

The Happy Animals Club is in full swing today, and since its opening has managed to rescue over 100 stray dogs.

Ken may never have imagined that a small gesture of kindness when he was younger would gain such proportions. This shows that taking care of another person or animals always gives us a beautiful “reward” in terms of satisfaction, happiness and belonging.

The boy’s story closely resembles that of protector Ezra, who also wants to have a shelter to rescue abandoned animals and victims of abuse. We created a kitty on VOAA to help you achieve this goal, click here and support!

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