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Blind dog and his little guide: a touching story of friendship

When blind Amos is afraid of noise around, baby Toby immediately calms him down. When he cannot find his bowl, his faithful friend directs him right there. The friendship of the blind dog and his little comrade is a good example of devotion and care, which cannot but inspire.

The dog owner, 27-year-old Jess Martin, took the blind dog from a shelter in which she volunteered. At first, her home dog Toby was a little afraid of big Amos, but these two miraculously found a common language.

Soon, the brave Toby stood up to guard his friend, as if feeling his peculiarity. He helped Amos in everything and became his faithful companion and guide.

Amos was born blind, and when he came to the shelter, for a long time they could not find their hosts. Jess decided to take the little dog for overexposure after he had an operation on his eyes. After spending several months with Amos, she realized that now he was part of her family.

“At first, Toby growled at him, but then he became indifferent,” the hostess said. “Amos spent his whole life in a cage, and communication with other dogs was alien to him. Toby unexpectedly led him and helped find her. ”

The girl and her boyfriend decided to become full-fledged owners of Amos, seeing how wonderful he was and how they got along with Toby. Now, these two are really inseparable!

“At first, Amos was very afraid of the noise and the new atmosphere. Toby quickly realized that he needed help — every time Amos stopped blind, Toby approached him and waited for him to calm down, and together they continued on their way.”

Amos is still suffering from problems with socialization, and therefore he has no other canine friends than Toby. He is still worried on walks, but with a reliable Toby – he is not afraid of anything else. Let’s hope that soon he will safely get rid of all fears.

There is a special connection between blind Amos and his little companion Toby. Their friendship is a good example of devotion and care for people.



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