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Blind bitch is adopted and can’t stop kissing her new owner

All dogs deserve a home full of love, especially the thousands of pets that live abandoned or in shelters. And the most beautiful thing is that these abandoned animals, even having a past full of suffering and difficulties, save much affection for those who are willing to save them. This is the case of this 14-year-old Chihuahua dog, who, besides her advanced age, is blind and has some health problems.

She caught the eye of Elaine Seamans, who volunteers at a Los Angeles dog shelter, the Baldwin Park Shelter, and is responsible for the At-Choo Foundation that finances the medical costs of dogs in shelters.

For reasons unknown, the old owner of the pretty puppy abandoned her in the shelter where Elaine works. If this is already horrible for any dog, for Jelly it was even worse due to its fragile health and old age.

Elaine says she was touched by this dog when she saw her and that something about her made her heartache.

“She touched my heart, I decided to get to know her better,” he told The Dodo.

Elaine figured Jelly would be a wild animal since the dog had enough reason not to be very friendly. But when the volunteer picked her up, she was surprised by several kisses from the beautiful chihuahua.

“I was not prepared for this reaction so sweet and so affable! She didn’t cringe or pull away from my hand as I began to stroke her head. When I caught her, she leaned into my chest and stayed there no matter where I was. She needed love and to hear and feel a heart from someone holding her, ”Elaine said.

As the volunteer could not adopt her, she posted some pictures of Jelly on social networks.

Carlynne McDonnell, founder, and CEO of Barkee Laroux’s House of Love Animal Sanctuary, an organization that looks for homes for injured, abandoned or abused dogs, fell in love with the puppy.

“I saw Jelly on a Facebook post and thought, ‘Oh my God, she’s so fragile, we can’t leave her alone,'” said Carlynne.

Only Carlynne couldn’t afford the costs of Jelly’s treatment needs. The dog has a skin disease, dental problems, heart disease, cataracts, ear inflammation and the onset of kidney disease.

But Elaine pledged to pay the bills through the At-Choo Foundation if Carlynne was willing to adopt her.

“It was the best gift they could give me! Otherwise, we would not have been able to get her out of the shelter, ”says Carlynne.

“She was in a small blanket, and I wrapped my little arms around her, and it was just the most incredible feeling, knowing that we were going to take this beloved dog home and give her love, care and food, and a safe place,” said Carlynne.

Photos: At-Choo Foundation

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