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A smiling doggie from birth was not like everyone else, but really needed love

Chupi is a special dog that was born with a developmental disability, and from the first days was different from other puppies. Despite his unusual appearance, most of all he needed love.

A dog named Chupi is special from birth. The baby, a mixed breed pit bull and rottweiler, was born with a developmental disability, and from the first days was different from other puppies. Due to liver disorders, Chupi was born bald, with arched ears, a deformed mouth, and eyes.

Among other puppies, he was spotted by a girl named Kylie, who worked as a dog rescue volunteer in Georgia, USA. At first, the girl and her colleagues did not understand why the puppy looked like a wolf cub – its teeth stuck out, giving its face a “sly smile”. Only later did the baby reveal liver problems.
Due to a liver defect, Chupi was exhausted, constantly tired, and often slept. This little wolf cub fascinated Kylie, and she decided to take him to her.
The kid with an unusual appearance grew up in the hands of a caring hostess. Kylie transferred him to a special diet, and since then he has been feeling fine and living the happy life of a healthy dog.
Yes, Chupi is not like other dogs, and he was born like that. Most importantly, there are loving people next to him who sees in his special appearance the real beauty!
The grown-up Chupi charmed not only his relatives but also thousands of hearts around the world. The hostess maintains a doggie account on Instagram, where 11 thousand followers follow his life.
Due to the lack of wool, you have to apply sunscreen or put on suits in Chupi’s skin to avoid burns or cooling. This does not prevent him from remaining an active and playful dog!
“I adore Chupi for his funny habits,” the landlady says. “He always wants to be in the know and take part in everything I do. He also dances when he is very happy about something. He is an amazingly gentle creature.”
Mistress Chupi wants to inspire people around the world to look after special animals. “Giving a house to a special dog is a very good thing because thousands of mixed-breed dogs are put to sleep. People should give dogs with special needs a chance, even if they aren’t so beautiful and they don’t have a shiny coat and a rich pedigree.”
Chupi is little evidence that the inner world is much more important than the exterior. He lives happily with a loving mistress, rejoicing every day!

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