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A slaughtered cat lived under a bath until it was immobilized in the snow

The fate of the cat named Misha was sad: he lived with people who were chasing and beating him, because of which most of the time he did not leave from under the bathroom, and used a trash can as a toilet. Once he lay in the snow for several days without moving, under the windows of the house, until the volunteer of the β€œDear” shelter noticed him.

Misha was in a terrible state: frostbitten paws, hypothermia, dehydration and a bunch of other sores that were found in the clinic put his life at risk. But caring people still decided to treat him, by all means.

Slowly Misha was on the mend. Larisa Ryabchenko, who had been engaged in a cat all this time, was amazed at his behaviour: he knew the tray for 5+, followed the person everywhere, loved to be in the company of people. And this is despite what life he lived before!

True, Misha was very much afraid of children, so finding a new family was not so easy. He had been on probation, but could not get used to anywhere, methyl territory, behaved confused. Meanwhile, the period of overexposure came to an end, and Larissa tried to do everything so that the cat was not on the street again.

Finally, a miracle happened. Natalia and her mother really wanted to help Misha and decided to take him. In the new house, the cat behaved in an exemplary manner, and after a while, it was safe to say that he passed the test for exemplary behaviour.

That’s how the Bear lives now, joyful, fluffy, in warmth and love. For a cat that has passed so many tests, it’s finally time for a happy time πŸ™‚



  • Katheryn Young says:

    I don’t understand the slaughter part of this horrible CRUEL situation for this beautiful precious CAT 🐱 to have lived through and survived to be adopted into a wonderful loving caring ❀ home!😻 THANKS to ALL involved in saving and giving BEAR a new LIFE!😍

  • Karen Giorgio says:

    It is refreshing to read stories with a happy ending. How so many humans can mistreat animals is beyond my comprehension. We must keep raising our voices…animals don’t have one and are depending on us to speak up and save them. Thank you!

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