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20 cats who have forgotten how to be

Seals are awesome and positive animals that give your life positive emotions. And sometimes they, like us, people, fall into ridiculous situations. 20 of the funniest cats – already in our collection.

#1 A cat who constantly wants to wipe something from the dust on the street.

#2 A pet that simply does not know how to eat in a different position.

#3 “Sport is life,” – under this slogan, this cat began to climb a tree. Alas, he was afraid to get back down.

#4 Kitty, who drinks ear.

#5 Ascent.

#6 Why so complicate your life?

#7 Stuck between the mosquito net and the window.

#8 Rugrats!

#9 When you are very afraid of water, but must check whether the mistress has washed well.

#10 “What do you understand? This is the most comfortable position in the world!”

#11 “Well, okay, I confess, I put my head in the box, she did not pounce on me herself!”

#12 He thinks he hid.

#13  Well, yes, who would doubt.

#14 I jumped.

#15 We know that cats can sleep in any poses, but that is …

#16 The little owner, who first saw a watermelon.

#17 Look, I’ll scare you now.

#18 “Save, please!”

#19 Probably says he got trapped on the roof.

#2o “Why do you care what position I sleep in?”

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